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Order & Payments

How can I order your products?

Click on the “Add to Cart” button underneath the product and then proceed to the checkout page to place your order.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept card payment with VISA and Mastercard as well as the Klarna payment methods.
The methods differ depending on the country you are in. See your options in the cart when placing an order.

Why won’t my payment go through?

Payments may fail for a number of reasons. Before/when purchasing, please always ensure:

-You have a strong and steady internet connection.
-There are sufficient funds in the account associated with the card you are using.
-The billing information you are using (incl. your billing address) matches your card.
-If your payment is still failing, we would recommend:
-Contacting your financial provider to make sure that
(a) the account/card you are using supports international payments and
(b) your transaction is not being denied by them for an unspecified reason.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Unfortunately, amendments to your order cannot be made after the order has been placed. Please double-check your order details at checkout and before making your payment.



Where do you ship from and to which locations?

The products are sent from Gymleco’s Head Office in Stockholm, Sweden. We ship to following countries:

Denmark, Finland, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States.

How much does shipping cost and how long is it?

Shipping costs are calculated at checkout depending on your location.

After you have chosen your destination country and before you complete your payment with us, please make sure that you are happy with the shipping charges displayed on our checkout page.Unfortunately due to COVID-19 our international courier partners have consistently upped their prices as the demand for e-commerce goes up, in a period where there are less flights. Therefore we have had to up our shipping prices to reflect this increase. We will be constantly reviewing this and will look to bring this back down to normal as soon as we can. We thank you in advance for your understanding.

Please note that once your order has been handed over to the courier, deliveries are outside of our control and may be subject to additional delays.

The original shipping time is 3-7 days in Sweden and 8-14 days abroad.

Are there any other costs associated with my order delivery?

When ordering internationally you may have to pay import duty depending on what you’ve ordered and its declared value. Import duty is a tax that may be imposed by your country’s government on goods from other countries, so unfortunately this is not something we can control.

Why is my order taking longer than specified?

All deliveries are handled by our chosen courier service. Therefore we may not be able to give you a specific answer, however, the following situations can sometimes cause deliveries to take a little longer.

Courier service depots can sometimes get so busy that parcels are delayed whilst they wait to be scanned and processed.

If your address is a long distance from the depot it can take an extra 1-2 days for items to be delivered. The further you are, the longer it takes by road.

International orders can face delays whilst being checked at customs, then passed to different facilities before they make it to your address.

If you have already waited an additional couple of days after your estimated delivery date, please feel free to contact our support team and ask them to investigate this delay with the courier.


Refunds & Returns

Can I return my order?

Within EU, UK and Norway we allow a 14-day return with the original packaging intact, including the protective plastic film. We do not allow any return or refunds from other countries.

Any returned parcels sent by the customer without acknowledgment from a member of the support team will not be returned/exchanged or refunded.


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