We ship to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, UK, Netherlands, Austria, Germany and the US.

Denice x Gymleco
Training Band Kit

The ultimate training kit for your home workout or to bring to the gym.

The kit incudes:
• 1 Mini Band
• 1 Weight Assist Band
• 1 Band Bag

55 USD

Available shipping countries

The countries we ship to are Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, UK, Netherlands, Austria, Germany and the US.
If you are based in another country we apologise and hope to be able to ship to you in the future.



You will receive one high quality box in black. In the box there are two training bands exclusively designed by Denice Moberg and Gymleco.

One of the training bands is a compact Mini Band in medium resistance which is great for your home workouts or bringing to the gym. You can do a variety of exercises with it, check out Denice’s Instagram for inspiration!

The other training band is a larger Weight Assist band in medium resistance which you can use both for resistance exercises or as an assist when doing pull-ups or chin-ups.

To keep your training bands organized you will on top of this receive a band bag with the exclusive logo so you can easily bring your training bands to your gym or outdoors training.

• Mini band: Pink rubber with the logo on front and back
• Weight Assist Band: black rubber with the logo on front and back
• Band Bag: Black fabric with logo
• Box: Black hard paper with logo

• Mini Band: 15 kg
• Weight Assist Band: 45 kg

Gymleco about Denice

Denice Moberg is an influencer and fitness profile. She has a vast experience and knowledge about health and training as well as the fitness industry. She is an inspiration to so many people and she sees our work and products from a completely different view, which is how a good collaboration is made.

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Denice about Gymleco

Gymleco is a high quality gym equipment producer. We’ve been working together on several occasions but now we felt it was time to do something big together. I feel confident working with Gymleco since I know that the product will come out according to my standard of quality and will on top of this look amazing!

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About the project

Denice and Gymleco have combined their passion for exercise and training equipment and created the Denice x Gymleco Training Band Kit. This to offer you high quality, ergonomically correct and beautiful products. The box includes one Mini Band in Medium resistance, one Weight Assist Band in Medium Resistance and one band bag to keep your training bands organized. The resistance has been personally selected by Denice and the design has been carefully decided by Gymleco and Denice together.

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